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Tuning BMW X6



X6 Hamann Motorsport car body programme in approved quality





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 BMW serie X5 E70


New BMW X5 with wide body modifications from HAMANN

Wide body-aerodynamic parts "Flash" for brawny appearance

Increase in performance for 3.0si, 3.0d, 3.0sd and 4.8i

Agile road handling through sport springs; sport brake system in front and rear

Four wheel designs available in three sizes


One of the most successful cars of its class is the BMW X5. BMW only recently introduced its latest successor and HAMANN has already put together a  omplete program for the new X5. Hardly any area has been left untouched. Whether it's suspension, wheels, performance, interior or aerodynamics, the Laupheim German specialists provide clear individualisation launching far above the norm. Wide-body-parts arrange an especially brawny  ppearance, making the X5 become the HAMANN "Flash".



Quite flashily-dressed New aerodynamic components are mandatory hence HAMANN begins with a new, wider front spoiler that lends the SAV X5 a significant powerful feature. In back HAMANN added a rear apron seizing the design of the front spoiler to match. Between front and rear, HAMANN adds fender extensions, which complete the wide body "Flash" looks. A further sporty accent shines through with the HAMANN roof spoiler, providing a stabilizing effect. It marks the icing on the cake of this extremely impressing "Flash". With such a large vehicle, every miniscule of power counts. For this reason, HAMANN reprogrammed the series-produced Motronic. The X5 3.0si received subsequently a power boost to about 14 bhp/10kW and 25 Nm more torque. The X5 3.0d (stock power: 235 bhp/173 kW) is raised by the tuners to 265 bhp/ 195 kW and 600 Nm, the X5 3.0sd (stock power: 286 bhp/210 kW) to 320 bhp / 235 kW and 660 Nm. The 8-cylinder model 4.8i jumps by 18 bhp/ 13 kW for more power and torque increase as well.



Brochure PDF Bmw X5 E70 http://www.hamann-motorsport.co.uk/fileadmin/pdf/tuning/englisch/BMW/X5/E70_X5/HAMANN_X5_E_70.pdf


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 BMW serie 1 E87




The philosophy of HAMANN MOTORSPORT is well-embodied in the BMW slogan, »Sheer Driving Pleasure«. For decades the HAMANN name has stood for the exclusive, high-performance conversion of BMW models. The latest of these projects is the new BMW 1-Series, which has been a focus of attention in trade circles and is now available at dealerships, albeit in the accustomed sporty and elegant HAMANN version.

The HAMANN engineers have come up with a comprehensive range for this smaller BMW. The principal eye-catcher is the front section, dominated by a low-lying spoiler. In combination with the broad side skirts, the 1-Series acquires a clearly more powerful look. As with all modifications conducted by HAMANN's BMW specialists, the aerodynamic components are convincing in their high degree of fitting precision, an unmistakable characteristic of a genuine HAMANN.

Driving pleasure without increased performance is unthinkable for HAMANN. A performance increase was especially constructed for the BMW 1-Series that supplies the engine with a full addition of 30 hp and 85 Nm torque. In combination with our own in-house developed dualpipe sport mufflers, the HAMANN 1-Series possesses a fat, sonorous and unique sound, acoustically underlining the sporty character of this petite BMW.

The HAMANN 4-pipe-sportssilencer made of stainless steel with chrome-plated tail pipes measuring 76 mm in diameter. With this feature the back of the BMW becomes an absolute eye-catcher and looks much more sportive. Especially the sonorous sound is causing a stir, letting the smallest representative of the Munich based manufacturer sound like a sportscar. Of course the "noble" silencer reduces the dynamic pressure and improves the exhaust flow enabling a fast gas exchange. The results are an optimal power and a better durability. HAMANN offers the 4-pipe-sportssilencer for the 1series BMWs 116i, 118i, 120i, 118d und 120d.

The sport suspension also promises sheer driving pleasure. The progressive sport springs, specially calibrated with the sport shocks of the HAMANN 1-Series, enable it to react with greater steering precision. In tight curves and quick changes of direction, this sport suspension really demonstrates its qualities. The BMW speeds along the asphalt as if it were on rails. These effects are reinforced by the front strut bar of polished aluminum, reducing body roll and ensuring ideal wheel load distribution.

Along with the sport coilover suspension, HAMANN also provides sport lowering springs forthe 1-Series. These progressive springs give the BMW more precise handling and lower the body in the front by up to 60 millimeters and in the rear by up to 40 millimeters, supplying the 1-Series with a clear improvement in dynamics and a highly muscular glide on the street.

As for wheel rims, HAMANN is supplying the 1-Series BMW with ANNIVERSARY I light metal rims. The one-piece aluminum wheel with its attractive multi-spoke design is offered in size 8x18" for both the front and rear, fitting in perfectly with the dynamic appearance of this smaller BMW. For customers who like it more sportive, HAMANN provides the wheel also in 8,5 x 19" with 225/35 ZR 19 tires on the front axle and with 255/30 ZR 19 on the rear axle.

The interior of the HAMANN 1-Series is fully in line with its sporty theme. An aluminum sport gear shift and emergency brake handle only add to the motorsport atmosphere. The same applies for the aluminum pedal design and the light foot supports. And of course, the exclusive HAMANN floor mats in black with their silver logo are also on hand. As for the rest, the HAMANN motto, "Nothing is Impossible", also applies to the BMW 1-Series, with the HAMANN specialists acknowledging all customer interior wishes and making these a reality.

The HAMANN BMW 1-Series conveys unadulterated »Sheer Driving Pleasure«, and its modifications in the look, performance and comfort are the reason.

 Automobilismo dice della Bmw 1 HM

Brochure PDF Bmw serie 1 E87 http://www.hamann-motorsport.co.uk/fileadmin/pdf/tuning/englisch/BMW/1er/E87/HAMANN_1er_BMW_E_87_englisch.pdf

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 BMW M3 E92 




If we don´t have it, it doesn´t exist – this is the HAMANN motto for its extensive part programme for the current M3 Coupé. Since 1986, the Laupheim-based company has developed and manufactured products for the individualisation of BMW automobiles, using their experience gained in the heated battle of motorsport. The result: powerful performance enhancements, lift-reducing aerodynamics components and a stable sport braking system. Striking 19- and 20- inch light alloy rims and precious interior modifications made of aluminium and carbon complement these upgrades.

Enhanced performance for a better elasticity and more joy in driving

The first tuning level increases the standard figures of the V8 (309 kw/420 hp) by 15 kw/20 hp and delivers an additional 25 Nm (series: 400 Nm) on the crank shaft. This is achieved by an optimised engine map. The V/max limitation is annulled and the top speed increases to 300 km/h. Another performance kit is called Sportkit HM/M +35. And the name says it all: after the modification, the engine has up to 35 hp/26 kw more power. The torque rises by 48 Nm and the speedometer doesn´t stop until it reaches 320 km/h. Another component of this enduring performance kit is a sportive exhaust system. It is made of stainless steel and is therefore non-corroding and includes a metal catalyser as well as a middle section- and rear section muffler. The comprehensively optimised motor management matches this feature. An earthy sound and a significantly perceptible performance improvement will delight the BMW-pilot from now on.

Car body programme in approved quality

In the design stage, HAMANN perfectly harmonises the individual components of the aerodynamic package. The result is a breath-taking styling with an optimised airflow. The sportive-dynamic front spoiler, which goes hand in hand with the rear skirt and the rear spoiler, reduces the lifting forces and forms a whole new look. The optical link between front and rear is accomplished with the HAMANN side skirts and the shapely roof spoiler. The precisely fitted Body-Kit is attached on the standard attachment points. Prices start at 2,400 euros.


Sportive or elegant

The HAMANN rim programme takes the individual wishes of the M3-clientele into account. No matter if the customer is looking for a sportive distinctive or elegant and noble appearance - HAMANN offers varying tyre designs and sizes. Named ANNIVERSARY I and ANNIVERSARY I BLACK LINE, a one-piece tyre in a severalpart look with 19 inches is offered. Both rims have a high-gloss INOX stainless steel lip, but differ as they either have a silver- or black-lacquered rim-star.





 Sport Auto dice della M3 HM



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 BMW serie 3 E90 berlina, E91 touring, E92 coupè, E93 cabrio 



BMW's trump card in the two-door sedan segment is the 3 Series coupe. This elegantly proportioned model lends itself perfectly to accentuating its sporty appeal by adding new details. HAMANN from Laupheim also shares this opinion and adorns the 3 Series coupe an aerodynamics kit, power boosts, new wheel rims and a stylish interior.

HAMANN boosts the power in this coupe by means of optimized curve maps. In other words, the electronic power boost is achieved by recalibrating the standard ECU.

The six-cylinder petrol engines 325i and 330i receive a boost of 13 bhp / 10 kW and 17 bhp / 12 kW and in both cases around 25 Nm torque. The top speed goes up to 250 and 265 km/h respectively (standard: 325i 245 km/h, 330i 250 km/h). In the 330i, the price includes the deactivation of the 250 km/h speed restriction.

Also when it comes to the diesel models, customers can expect a substantial power boost. In the 330d, 272 bhp / 200 kW, 259 km/h top speed (standard: 248) and 600 Nm at 2000 rpm are quite possible. In the top diesel model 335d 313 bhp/230 kW, 272 km/h and a more than generous 630 Nm at 2000 rpm. A power boost to around 380 bhp for the 335i is currently in preparation.


By fitting a HAMANN 4-pipe sports rear muffler with four round tailpipes, the 335i and 335d can make their power public. The 4 stainless steel tailpipes, each 76 mm in diameter, make the rear end of this coupe look even more attractive.

Still so young, and already its first facelift.... HAMANN does not do things by half and sets to work on the face. The new, sportier-looking HAMANN front spoiler is designed to be fitted onto the standard bumper. The visual lowering effect is created by the new side sills, which lend the side view more character. The vehicle's back can either be customized with a HAMANN rear spoiler or a spoiler lip. A truly effective means of reducing the lift. The same effect is produced by the HAMANN roof spoiler, which sits on top of the vehicle. The rear center molding, which incorporates matching cutouts for the tailpipes, is designed to be used in conjunction with the HAMANN 4-pipe sports rear muffler. Fitting Carbon-Kevlar mirror caps lends the HAMANN 3 Series coupe a further eye-catching touch.

HAMANN really goes to town when it comes to the wheels. No fewer than four different designs and three sizes from 18 to 20 inch make choosing difficult. The HM2 design, available in an 18 inch version, is a single-piece light alloy wheel with five spokes in the 'Silver' finish and features an outer rim with an INOX steel lip. The single-piece rim Anniversary I has a multi-spoke design and is also available in the 'Silver' finish and features an outer rim with an INOX steel lip. HAMANN offers it as an 18, 19 and 20 inch version. The PG3 wheel is a composite five-spoke wheel in silver with a high-gloss polished rim flange. Here, customers can choose between the sizes 19 and 20 inch.

Needless to say, 20 inch wheels suit the customized 3 Series coupe best. In this size, HAMANN offers its "Edition Race" design as its top model. The appearance of this three-piece, ultra-lightweight, forged rim in a cross-spoke design and with a black spider is characterized by the 9 main spokes, each of which branches outwards into 2 further spokes. In addition to the exciting design, the titanium bolts are a particularly eye-catching detail. The high-gloss rim flange adds the finishing touch to the stylish looks.

By fitting a suspension lowering kit, comprising four progressive suspension struts, HAMANN succeeds in lowering the vehicle's center of gravity by 35 mm at the front and by 20 mm at the rear. Even in vehicles that come with sporty suspension tuning, that's still around 15mm.

Numerous accessories combine to make sitting inside the HAMANN 3 Series coupe all the more pleasurable. Thanks to the three-spoke HAMANN airbag sports steering wheel, the driver always has the reins securely in his hands. A sporty flair is added by the decorative carbon-fiber components, which HAMANN fits on the dashboard, center console, ashtray trim, doors, steering wheel, gearshift knob, handbrake lever and the
HAMANN adds further sporty nuances in the form of sport gearshift knobs (in aluminum or leather/aluminum), aluminum pedals, an aluminum handbrake lever and an aluminum footrest. An exclusive set of floor mats sporting the HAMANN logo in silver rounds off the interior offering.

Needless to say, HAMANN will customize every 3 Series to a customer's own specific requirements. By way of illustration, luxurious leather upholsteries in various colors are possible, as are extensive multimedia conversions featuring a DVD player, TV reception and a PlayStation.

 Automobilismo dice della Bmw 3 HM

 Elaborare dice della Bmw 3 HM

Brochure PDF Bmw serie 3 E90 http://www.hamann-motorsport.co.uk/fileadmin/pdf/tuning/englisch/BMW/3er/E90_Limousine/HAMANN_E_90_Limousine.pdf

Brochure PDF Bmw serie 3 E91 http://www.hamann-motorsport.co.uk/fileadmin/pdf/tuning/englisch/BMW/3er/E91_Touring/HAMANN_E_91_Touring.pdf

Brochure PDF Bmw serie 3 E92 http://www.hamann-motorsport.co.uk/fileadmin/pdf/tuning/englisch/BMW/3er/E92_Coupe/HAMANN_E_92_Coupe.pdf

Brochure PDF Bmw serie 3 E93 http://www.hamann-motorsport.co.uk/fileadmin/pdf/tuning/englisch/BMW/3er/E93_Cabriolet/HAMANN_E_93.pdf

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 BMW serie 5  E60 berlina   E61 Touring   M5 



The current BMW 5 Series smoothly carries on the path of success of its predecessor. HAMANN MOTORSPORT offers a full range of sporty accessories and performance tuning for all engine versions.

The bodywork of the new BMW 5 Series can be upgraded with elegantly styled HAMANN aerodynamics components. The HAMANN front spoiler doesn't only give the sedan a more striking face but also minimizes the lift on the front axle at high speeds. Alternatively, this can also be achieved by a new, sportier front spoiler bumper, whose built-in ellipsoid fog lights lend the "face" of the BMW more character. The HAMANN side skirts make the four-door car look lower and more stretched. The both different available HAMANN rear panels with cut-out for either the HAMANN 2-pipe sport rear silencer or the 4-pipe-version round out the sporty yet elegant shape of the HAMANN conversion and are characterised by a diffusor. In addition the range for the sedan contains a HAMANN roof spoiler and a HAMANN rear spoiler.


HAMANN offers one of the most extensive ranges of custom-made wheel/tire combinations from 17- to 20-inch in diameter for the new BMW 5 Series. The biggest version are multi-piece HAMANN PG3 light alloy wheels of the dimensions 9Jx20 front and 10Jx20 rear. 245/30 ZR 20 tires front and 285/25 ZR 20 tires on the rear axle were tested out to be the perfect tire choice for these wheels.

Alternatively available are different other one-piece and modular HAMANN light alloy wheels in various widths and 17-, 18- or 19-inch in diameter.

For a wedge-shaped lowering of the new 5 Series car by about 40 millimeters front and about 20 millimeters on the rear axle, HAMANN provides progressive springs to combine with the standard shock absorbers.


Alternatively HAMANN will soon offer a height-adjustable coil over sport suspension which doesn't only give the BMW a stiffer damper set-up. In addition the lowering can be adjusted up to 60 millimeters on the front axle and up to 30 millimeters rear. HAMANN sport anti-roll bars can be installed to reduce the side tilt of the car as much as possible. The HAMANN high performance brake system with 355 x 32 millimeters large, slotted and vented discs and 4-pot fixed calipers on the front axle provide for optimal deceleration and maximum resistance. Therewith the new BMW 5 Series is perfectly geared up for powerful HAMANN engine tuning.

Three Diesel-engines BMW offers with the 5-series. All of them are improved by the Laupheim-based Tuner regarding power-output and torque. So the 525d is boosted by around 30 hp / 22 kW and 40 Nm, enabling the limousine to accelerate in 7.5 instead of 7.7 sec from 0-100 km/h. The performance data of the 530d HAMANN no shows a power plus of around 37 hp / 27 kW and an increase of torque by 60 Nm. Therewith, acceleration is improved to 6.5 sec, which is 0.2 sec faster than the stock version. Inprovements between one and two tenths of a second HAMANN also provides for the Diesels with automatic transmission. The biggest powerboost HAMANN accords the biturbo-Diesel 535d. Around 47 hp / 34 kW the engine now is able to produce, torque was raised by around 84 Nm. This means a total of 6 tenths of a second – 5.9 instead of 6.5 seconds – the straight six catapults the limousine from 0-100 km/h. Watchout, Porsche drivers!

Also the petrol-powered models receive a profound modification. The HAMANN HM 3.3 increased-capacity engine for 525i and 530i delivers 286 hp / 210 kW at 6,200 rpm and 355 Nm of maximum torque at 4,000 revs. With it the tuned 530i accelerates in about 6.0 seconds from 0 - 100 km/h and reaches a maximum speed of about 270 km/h. For the BMW 545i there is available the HAMANN HM 5.2 increased capacity engine. After the engine conversion, which has now a displacement of 5156 ccm, there are available 412 hp / 303 kW at 6,100 rpm and a maximum torque of 550 Nm at 3,900 revs. Compared to the stock model this means an improvement by around 80 hp and 100 Nm. The road performances are on purebred sportscar level: The sprint from 0 - 100 km/h only takes 5.2 seconds, maximum speed is about 285 km/h.

Sound, exciting look and optimized performance are the features of the HAMANN 2-pipe sport rear silencer which is offered in custom-made versions for all motorizations including the Turbodiesel models. For the 545i there are additionally manufactured special exhaust manifolds and metal-bed sport catalysts. For all engine versions, except the 535d, HAMANN offers an impressive sounding 4-pipe sport rear silencer, displaying the HAMANN 5-series conclusively as a real Muscle-Car.


For the interior the owner of the new BMW 5-series has the choice between sporty HAMANN accessories such as an ergonomically shaped airbag-sport-steering-wheel or pedals and a gearshift-lever-knob made from aluminium. The cockpit can be made even more exclusively with a custom-made HAMANN full leather trim, which is offered in various colors and designs.



Brochure PDF Bmw serie M5 E60 http://www.hamann-motorsport.co.uk/fileadmin/pdf/tuning/englisch/BMW/5er/M5_E60/HAMANN_M5_E_60.pdf

Brochure PDF Bmw serie 5 E60/E61 http://www.hamann-motorsport.co.uk/fileadmin/pdf/tuning/englisch/BMW/5er/E60_E61/HAMANN_E_60.pdf



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